Baby’s Own Journal

A page of the “Baby’s Own Journal,” assembled by the class of 1908 as a sort of welcome manual for the incoming class, serves as a sort of how-to guide to crushes.

From the Crush subject file, Smith College Archives. (Click to enlarge)

According to the piece, crushing follows a strict etiquette:

Advances must be made from the crushed to the Object of Adoration. To demand or expect reciprocity is to commit a solecism.

As these advances are sometimes wearisome to the Object, pecuniary remuneration in floral or confectionery form must accompany each advance.

All one’s time should be devoted to the Object in order to effectively draw her attention to one’s self, away from her friends, social and academic functions.

The very presence of this how-to guide in a comedic orientation manual demonstrates the extent to which crushing was a part of Smith culture in the early 1900s.